Sunday 24 March 2013

I lied

When I said I would stay in til after payday. This happened

i spent half my budget at the jukebox playing fleetwood mac and jack white. matty hit up oasis and stone roses.

Then this happened

On the way home I had the entire top deck of the Number 8 bus all to myself. I kept waiting for people ot get on, liverpool street..shoreditch, but no. I stuck on my headphones and got snap happy,delighting in my good fortune to work and live in the city

Roman Road chicken and chips and bed!

Like everyone else im appalled at the weather. But more so because its now nigh on impossible for me to leave the flat. Literally.

I live above a pub, and the entrance is via the beer garden up a wooden stairwell and across a wooden walkway. Its a bit like being in Oliver!. On Monday I left for work and noticed the walkway was a little slipper than normal. I carefully put one foot on the first step and promptly lost my grip and fell down the stairs.  Luckily i caught myself mid fall from going forwards which would have resulted in alot of broken bones and instead went down on my ass/side. Im not going to lie, I cried. Ive been bruised up pretty bad and  lost all confidence with walking down stairs now.

So yesterday when i realised i was out of EVERYTHING i sucked it up and decided to go to the co op.

I was being OH SO CAREFUL as i gingerly placed each foot one after the other - slow and steady. AND I STILL FUCKING SLIPPED. So i brought enough supplied to ensure i dont have to leave the house til Monday and even then ive decided im going to go down the stairs on my bum. Fuck it. There is nothing worse than the fear of falling. Wait there is - ACTUALLY FALLING.

Three more days until pay day when I am back in the black - for good. Until then Ihave been lounging around int his dress which is soft like a blanket and smells like Lenor. Sigh. Another day of eating chocolate and wasting time. My Favourite.


Sunday 17 March 2013

Out Of Action

I woke up Tuesday with that horrid virus thats doing the rounds. I spent all week in bed, sweating, shivering, consuming enormousness amounts of orange juice and coca cola and watching malcolm in the middle. Nothing productive was done.Not even washing. Yup. One night i realised i was out of supplies and so chucked on a hoodieand sloped off to co op. I felt terribly confused and out of it and was a trifle deaf in both ears so it wasnt the most pleasant of experiences.

 I started to feel more human again when I drew a bath and had some lemon ice lollies.

Friday evening, fully aware I hadnt eaten a proper meal all week, Michelle and I hopped the bus to Spitilfields to meet Stephanie and have some food. Steph only has two weeks left til she moves to Cambodia for GOOD so that was good enough reason to you know...get dressed.

 I made up for it this weekend though. We went to Kanaloa on Fleet Steet which is some fancy tiki bar that Beyonce goes to. I still felt ill when I got there and my tempreture was raaaging. I sucked down an icy drink and considered my options as I locked myself in a toilet cubicle. I could go home and get back into bed, or i could suck down as much booze as possible knowing this was the last time Steph Michelle and I would be drinking in London. I chose the alcohol option.

 Man alove, the drinks were stroooong (and expensive, thanks Stephs boss) to the point even Michelle was gagging. But at least we knew we were getting out moneys worth! We dran k a few Zombies which have SEVEN kinds of rum, absinthe, liqeurs...and they set it on fire. And my boob caught fire a little.

 I dont know HOW we found the bus stop in Holborn. I do recall absolutely everyone hates us on there. Oh well. We grabbed some chicken from some dissapproving men on mile end road ( not eating there again, despite the oh so tender chicken breasts, so rude!) and surprisingly, had no upchuck.

Recovery day involved me watching Breaking Dawn part 2 - TWICE - to michelles horror, and picking up some more bargains at the East London Thrift Store. Felicity came home drunk with some people intent on hard partying. But we couldnt even manage it. We fell asleep watching sex and the city and videos of sleeping cats on youtube eating minstrels. Shit, are we getting old?

Tuesday 12 March 2013

I have no willpower

This happened yesterday

Monday club. A few of us headed off to The Endurance which is now my favourite pub:

1: it has awesome taxidermy on the walls
2: its all dark wood and victorian wallpaper
3: it serves delicious food
4: it has a sick jukebox so i can listen to Jack White and Fleetwood Mac
5: There are no glossy haired bitches from our usual haunts
6: Its also across the road from the chippie.

I only had two drinks but we stayed as we watched the snow whip around the building sideways. BRRR SO COLD!

I got home and fell asleep at ten pm - but I have woken up with the most horrific cold. And ive put off going to the shops all day to get medicine but now my hand has been forced. BAH!

Sunday 10 March 2013

Photobomb post

Work drinks - I swear to Cheesus I am not going on any more until after pay day. Its not necessarily the expense, because theres always free drinks and we hit up happy hour pretty severely. But 'Just for one' soon turns into 'Its been six hours and I need to go home.' My poor poor liver. I need to be more selective with what I poison it with.

So what else has been up other than alcohol bashing?

Well I took irish for his first nandos ( well, he paid..but i had to explain the menu)

I got the train home where my mum baked my favourite cakes and cooked my favourite dinners and i had no phone for two days. which was oddly calming to not be constantly checking and texting. Just plenty of dog cuddles and crap films on tv.

my daffodils finally bloomed!

But my shoes also died. I am extremely upset by my loss. 

irish met e at old blue last to watch a band called Oliver Wilde - check them out. He was drunk and kept shouting at CCTV cameras.

There has also been chocolate carnage. goddamit easter!

old and new passport photo. The one on the right is from 2005. No, I asnt a skinhead with a mohawk, i had black and blonde hair which i pulled off my face. and i swear i had proof they stretched it too! im so glad to see the back of this photo, no more bouncers laughing their ass off at me. Plus, when im 45, this will be my photo! with pink hair! I bet my future children will be suitably mortified.

Yesterday i  waddled ( loss of chelsea boot means am struggling to walk in flats) around Roman Road, picking up a few bits from the little shops including fish and chips from the super old jewish couple - the food isnt great and it hasnt been decorated since the early seventies but it feels important to support such an old company. And the little old lady is soo sweet shovelling in extra chips and her husband wears a fishermans hat!  I napped before Niko came over, where we swigged  lambrini before heading over to Debbie club in bethnal green.

DEBBIE is a Female-Fronted Rock, Pop, Indie, Electro, Disco Dance-Party for Queers, Girls, Freaks and Geeks of all genders and persuasions. DEBBIE aims to be a fun, all-inclusive space opposing prejudice, snobbery and elitism of any kind.

DEBBIE's Rules:
1. Female-fronted rock, pop & indie only
2. You must dance
3. No elitism or snobbery
4. No Madonna post-1993

Heres a selection of songs i danced to ( i have also noticed that my dance moves remain the same throughout genres until ive done my second shot and then i believe i AM beyonce)

Joan Fuckin Jett

Le Tigre


So yes, it was electric and fun and silly and...we were one of maybe five girls there. All boys! 

And at the end, the blood scene in Carrie was playing on the projector while this played

This morning Niko and I dragged outselves to spoons for breakfast

And I have stayed in bed all day watching shit tv in my wonderful room